(New to DVD) MOVIE REVIEW: Vicky Cristina Barcelona

A ménage à trois of absurdity.

The only reason to go see this film (if there is one) is to see Penélope Cruz and the amazing performance she gives. Everyone else is crap. Yes, even the beloved Scarlett Johansson is crap in this toilet as well.

I thought this film was sorely overrated. Not worth seeing in the least; not even for Scar-Jo making out with Penelope Cruz for cryin' out loud. There were too many weak characters in this one for me to feel attached to any of them. Who are we to root for? The girls? Javier? It seemed like the only point to this movie was to see how many chicks Javier Bardem could get with.

If anything, this movie just helps me come to realize that Woody Allen is clearly not for me nor will he ever be unless you like the kind of movie that bores you with character flaws and monotonous dialogue. They say that the old Woody Allen is much better than the new stuff he's been doing lately, but I wouldn't know, since it's only the new stuff that I've been subjected to.

In fact, I was subjected enough to this film, that yes...I walked out on it.

Heck, I even tried going back into the showing when it was in theaters, just to give it another chance. (Mainly because the film I tried substituting this with sucked just as much for me to leave that as well). But my original decision was further vindicated as this movie was clearly going no where in terms of any direction.

Adios amigos!

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