(New to DVD) MOVIE REVIEW: Sex Drive

I assure you this is not a porno.

But what it is however, is one of the funniest, most underrated comedies of last year for sure. I’ve seen this film twice already in the theaters, have recommended it to all my friends, and will probably go out and buy it on DVD to watch over and over as well.

I just cannot get enough of this cleverly written and humorously acted story about a high-school graduate named Ian (played by Josh Zuckerman), who desperately wants to lose his virginity to a random girl he meets online, but has to drive cross-country to meet her for his night of passion. Coming along for the ride are his best buds, Felicia and Lance (played by Amanda Crew and Clark Duke).

Of course, the trio encounters various obstacles and events along the way, such as an Amish Rumspringa party with Seth Green playing one of the “plain folk” not to mention Ian’s older asshole brother (played by James Marsden) who also gives him shit just for being alive.

All of the actors do a knock up job in their roles and you can clearly see that they had fun playing them. Especially Marsden.

Yet the biggest surprise I thought, was the character played by the fine young actor, Clark Duke. This guy plays his role so naturally that I was convinced he was in fact Lance in real life! Be on the lookout for this guy in future roles. I can totally see his career taking off like crazy at some point soon. So if you’re reading this Mr. Duke, bravo sir!

So I’ll stop raving about this flick and giving too much away. Just go see it with some friends who might enjoy this type of film. Yes it’s raunchy. Yes it’s crazy. Yes it’s insane. But it’s a hilarious trip you surely won’t forget. Especially if it’s your first time…watching it.

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