(New to DVD) MOVIE REVIEW: Zack & Miri Make A Porno

The best porno I have ever seen.

Being a big fan of writer/director Kevin Smith, I had high expectations going to see this film when it was still in the theaters.

Now granted, this is the director who has pushed the envelope quite a bit when it comes to raunchy comedies, so I expected no less. Especially since the title pretty much sums up what one would expect when hopping into bed with this one.

And what was delivered was just that, but with the added bonus of a sweet romantic comedy underneath the covers–much to my surprise.

But first, let’s get to the main reason you’ll want to see this, the comedy part. Which of course, relies heavily upon such a talented pool of actors that you may or may not be familiar with.

Now I don’t care for Seth Rogan all that much, but seeing the character he played left me highly impressed. He was miraculously funny and charming at the same time. Little instances, such as when his character exits a scene quickly, are a perfect example of the endearing quality I’m referring to.

Yet what really makes this film hilarious is the support lent to Rogan from everybody else. I was just as surprised to see how much freedom was given to these actors (Craig Robinson, Jeff Anderson, Justin Long, just to name a few) to just run with their parts and let it all hang out…quite literally when it came to Jason Mewes cameo. This is what simply makes the chemistry all work between them I think.

There is also one pivotal scene between Rogan and the female lead (played by Elizabeth Banks) when she starts to get jealous of him being led astray by Katie Morgan (who’s a real-life porn star if you didn’t know already) while in the midst of their apartment party/celebration.

This scene is one that is directed absolutely beautifully. It truly captures the heart of the main plot point, not the making a porno part, but the notion of trying to separate sex from love from friendship and then realizing that they are all tightly intertwined and inseparable somehow.

So, all in all, go see this movie for the absurdity of the humor, but don’t just focus on that. Try to absorb the underlying parts that truly make this one of Kevin Smith’s best films outside of the View Askewniverse.

It will leave you with a happy ending no doubt.

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