MOVIE REVIEW: Four Christmases

Four Christmases I don't wanna spend time with!

Mediocre is the best way to sum it up. Not bad per say, but just not great.

It was like getting socks when you're expecting an Xbox on Christmas. Based on the looks of the trailer, I was expecting much more. It was like they kept building the jokes up and up and then letting the bottom fall out at the punchline.

Now I'm not that big of a Vince Vaughn fan (or Reese Witherspoon for that matter), but I could appreciate their style in this film...IF they had something to work with.

And better on-screen chemistry at that.

Too bad the script had Vaughn saying so much that I would've been much happier to see him simply shut the hell up. Now I know, this is the character he plays in most of his movies; the one who keeps talking and talking, and though quite talented, he's not a lead actor by any means. Yet in this film, he's given that responsibility which I don't see why, given that Witherspoon is much better equipped for this.

But okay, I went with it. And I was disappointed. Okay, I could see Witherspoon taking the reins with the romantic play, but instead Vaughn plays the semi-romantic one here.

I say "semi" romantic because there is a perfect example at the end of why he doesn't work in this role. Right at the defining point of the movie. The potential Jerry Maguire "you complete me" scene. Talk about letting what could've been a classic get cuddly w/your honey type moment go stale~sheesh!

But to add insult to injury, there's a scene that involves a pregnancy test gone sour...or bitter, depending upon what urine tastes like (i.e. a kid steals the test in a game of "keep away" with Witherspoon which eventually winds up IN the child's mouth).

Aaaaand at this point, I was convinced that the movie was definitely NOT what I asked for this christmas. I hope Santa kept the receipt on those socks.

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