A few things worth watching.

But I would suggest averting your eyes for the plethora of peen presented. Just for those who may not be familiar with the graphic novel, which this film is based on, the story is very dark, violent, and sprinkled with tons of nudity (sorry guys, there’s more male than female nudity in this one).

But fellas, don’t let it deter you, Watchmen really is a decent film, just not one I think I’ll be watching over and over again for two reasons.

One, it’s long (like this review). And two, the ending is bizarre.

Not the worst ending, just unsettling. And not one I was expecting by any means, especially in a genre where good usually triumphs evil no questions asked.

Aside from the big blue dude (AKA Dr. Manhattan) showing off his junk at every turn, the ending definitely took me by surprise and left me with an awkward moment to reflect on what just occurred. I wasn’t sure if I was to be happy or sad really. You’ll understand what I mean if you see it.

Now I never read the book, so experiencing this story was the first time I was subjected to the dark universe of the Watchmen. And dark it was! From what was explained to me from another reader, the book is pretty violently to begin with, but the movie kicks that violence up another notch.

Some pretty brutal scenes are added in that will make you squirm, but all in all the cinematography is quite attractive and can be appreciated in the midst of such a dismal environment.

A perfect example of this great camera work is in the scene where the crime-fighter Rorschach follows the 4-foot tall Big Figure (played by Philly’s own Danny Woodburn) into a prison bathroom stall. The bathroom door swings open and closed as an angry Rorschach slowly backs Big Figure into the corner, yet the swinging entryway only shows glimpses of the little man’s impending doom…the end result you never see.

Kudos to the director, Zack Snyder, for adding in shots like this that weren’t necessarily in the book, but make a great addition to a very cool story.

But speaking of this Rorschach character (played terrifically by Jackie Earle Haley), the way they animated his mask was by far the best special effect in the whole movie I thought. The face constantly evolves into a different image (in the style of the famous Rorschach test) that constantly changes depending on his mood. Very impressive.

So essentially, Watchmen is worth checking out at least once. You may love it enough to watch over and over, especially if you’re a fan of the book. Or you may hate it if you’re a fan of the book. But being just your average movie-goer (yet a fan of comics in general) I enjoyed it for what it was. A different, unique perspective on what it means to be a “hero” or “watchman” in a world that may not necessarily appreciate it.

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