MOVIE REVIEW: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Not as solid as adamantium, but well-worth the ride.

In the unofficial start to the summer movie season, Hugh Jackman reprises his role as none other than Logan (a.k.a. Wolverine) in a visual treat that is sure to take you by the claws and give you quite a spin.

Overall, it’s certainly a visually stimulating movie, especially in the special effects department (not to mention stimulating for the ladies in the many naked scenes of Jackman). Needless to say, if you’re checking out the unfinished bootleg sans the completed graphics on the net, it’s not going to be very rewarding for you.

As one would expect from the trailer, there are a lot of mutant cameos in this film, but don’t expect to grow attached to them for very long. This flick is definitely about Wolverine as the title obviously suggests, so unfortunately any other minor character that comes across doesn’t have much screen time my fellow fan-boys.

And speaking of the supporting cast, there are quite some interesting characters, but none of the actors playing them even come close to matching Jackman’s superb depiction of the plagued protagonist. Let’s face it folks, he is Wolverine, and he does a kick-ass job of it hands down.

Overall, I can see why most of the critics panned this one. There was so much hype that it might not have achieved the expectations as a result of the bar being raised last summer by such films as The Dark Knight and Iron Man. In X-Men Origins: Wolverine, I thought that some of the dialogue was cheesy and parts of the story felt rather rushed.

However, it is a comic movie, and with that I was just happy to see Wolverine in his own film for once. Totally worth checking out, even if the film wasn’t as solid as adamantium.

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