MOVIE REVIEW: Angels & Demons

The truth is not in the texts.

If you are a fan of the book, you won’t like it. But if you’re like me and have never read the book, you’ll probably enjoy it.

Parts of the movie are far-fetched and a stretch of the imagination, but the twists and turns and surprise ending are quite worth it.

At times it felt like I was watching another National Treasure installment, but not enough to make me feel robbed. Angels & Demons is certainly more action-packed than The Da Vinci Code but I’m actually fonder of that film as opposed to this one. I guess because the supporting character running alongside Tom Hanks (played by Ayelet Zurer) isn’t as memorable as Audrey Tautou. I mean Zurer is a decent actress, but her character doesn’t really match-up as well with Hanks as much as I thought she should.

So for fans of the book, do not expect this to be like the original story by any means. Apparently, (according to my fiancé who is a HUGE fan of the book) hardly any of Dan Brown’s original novel has been kept in tact. She started to explain to me the original plot and I have to say that even I felt myself becoming a bit irritated! Though the movie is entertaining, the book seems a lot more captivating!

Again, being that I’ve never read the best-seller, my review is less than judgmental here, so overall, I dug the film adaptation. However, I might do myself a favor sometime and pick up a copy to read as if it is a totally separate film.
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